Why We Need Editors & Proofreaders

Have you ever gone to a website and noticed eye-popping typos? How about reading a blog and seeing glaring grammatical errors? Or an advertisement with misspellings?

What did you do after noticing the mistakes? You stopped reading. The authors are now discredited and not worth your attention. They didn’t make the effort to get it right, so you won’t waste your time on something so sloppy.

Now, imagine if you’re one of these authors. You spend hours of time and energy to get your message out there for people to read, just to have your work dismissed out of hand. How frustrating that must be.

Properly written literature is absolutely necessary if you want to be taken seriously. You’ve worked so hard on your book, blog, or website. Don’t allow yourself to be ignored because you didn’t go that last mile of having your work edited or proofread.

Blackhawk Editing is a service for copy editing and proofreading. Our mission is to provide top-quality editing with a fast turnaround time and at an affordable price.

Whether you’ve written a book, school assignment, web copy, or correspondence, Blackhawk Editing is the place to go for your copy editing and proofreading needs.